A Complete Guide to Shapewear for Men

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Shapewear is an easy cheat to get your body into the desired shape you always wanted. Indeed the right body shapers are a magical quick-fix that holds it all in and ensures that whatever you wear fits perfectly, so you get that boost of confidence you are looking for to cruise through the world effortlessly! But how exactly do you go about choosing the right one? 

If you have never bought men’s shapewear before, it’s understandable that you have your doubts and reservations. In this detailed guide, we will address all such inhibitions and help you buy the best body shaper for your specific needs. So, let’s get started with the basics.


  • What is shapewear and why do you want it?
  • 4 Types of men shapewear
  • Things to keep in mind to purchase the perfect shapewear

What is shapewear and why do you want it?

Shapewear or body shaper is a tightly fitted undergarment that will flatten your bulges or lend the desired support to specific body parts just to ensure that you look great in any outfit you try on. 

These undergarments have improved a great deal since they first became popular. Modern shapewear is more seamless and so much more comfortable. These are no longer accessories that you’d reserve for special occasions but essentials that you can wear every day to work or play!

You can wear them underneath all kinds of menswear- jeans, suits, blazers or casual wear, and get a smoother and more stylish look. In fact, even the best among us when it comes to toned, firm, and sculpted bodies, including our A-listers celebrities, have admitted to using shapewear rather frequently. 

Benefits of Shapewear for men

Shapewear can be used to flatten man boobs, suppress beer bellies, uplift your assets or get you that perfectly rounded butt. These natural imperfections may seem benign but they can also utterly shatter a person’s self-confidence. For most of us mortals, getting through the world can feel so much easier without being bogged down by such anomalies.

Apart from boosting confidence, a good body shaper will help enhance your posture by holding your body straight and firm. For instance, shapewear that tucks in your belly can reduce pressure on your back and make sitting at your work desk a lot more comfortable. 

These undergarments can also help with post-surgery support to reduce the burden on your muscles while they heal. For the same reasons, they are also preferred by men as workout wear.  

4 types of Men’s shapewear 

Let’s break down the types of body shapers that a modern man should know about. 

Support Briefs and Boxers

Support Briefs and Boxers

At Rounderbum, we have expertise in all categories of support briefs and boxers. Basically, these briefs help with lifting and proper shaping of your front pouch and buttocks for proper support and terrific looks. These shapers can subtly lift your cheeks and give the appearance of a full bottom. 

Popular shapers include padded briefs, anatomic briefs, workout lift boxers, jock & thongs, and more. This category of body shapers also includes slim-fit boxers that include a slimming midsection waistband that can compress your love handles.

compression shirts

Compression shirts 

These include compression T-shirts and tank tops that enhance muscle definition and sports vests that are tailored to provide freedom of movement and proper support during workouts.

Compression T-shirts help with proper back support and posture. These also help flatten man boobs and love handles. The workout wear provides moderate compression and raises body temperature to boost sweat in target areas like abs, chest, and lower back.  

girdleThe girdle
Girdles specifically target the extra fat around the waist and belly region. They come in different shapes and sizes and can often be replaced by compression shirts or slim-fit boxer briefs. The idea is to use compression in order to flatten the extra fat and provide support to the lumbar region of your back.

The Mantyhose

Mantyhose are tights that will help your legs look slim. These are versatile options that you can wear under your trousers or underneath your skiing suits for additional stability. They also serve the additional purpose of keeping your legs warm in winters. 

Things to keep in mind to buy the perfect shapewear

Here are a few important points that you must keep in mind before you buy your next shapewear. 

men vest

Know thyself

The first obvious step is to know your needs. Unless you are clear about the reason you need a body shaper, it will be hard to pick an option that aptly covers your specific requirements. 


Take assistance from a friend and get accurate measurements for your waist, hips, belly, and chest. You need to be sure of where you need some extra support or regions you wish to flatten out.

If you are still unsure about your size, feel free to reach out to us and we will assist you in choosing the right fit. 

Pick the right size

You can wear shapewear daily but it’s important that you don’t overdo it with compression shapewear. Opting for a size lower than your actual size ins not the answer to looking more sculpted it could instead give you awkward bulges. Just choose the compression shaper in your size and it will make you look slimmer and feel great. 

Check for color and composition 

Apart from the size, you should check for the composition of the shapewear. The higher the elastane or nylon content in your shapewear, the more it will compress your shape. Low elastane options are mostly designed to smooth out targeted regions.

If your shaper fabric has a blend of cotton, it will help you stay cool during summers. Alternatively, higher elastane compositions will help you stay warm in winters. You can also decide the color of your shapewear based on the weather conditions. For instance, it would be better to avoid black during harsh summers. 

Be clear about the level of support

Another important parameter is to know about the level of support you need in specific areas. You can wear multiple shapers together but make sure that two different shapers do not overlap. For instance, you can pick a boxer brief and a compression T-shirt, but avoid pairing a slim-fit boxer brief with a slimming midsection with a workout compression vest.

If you keep these simple tips in mind, you don’t really have to worry about adverse effects from shapewear. If you are wearing compression technology-based shapewear, just ensure that you are not overly or rather uncomfortably squishing your body and you will be just fine.

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