Lift Technology

Lifts and gives volume to the buttocks with its integrated technology. Its innovative design creates a “lifting effect” thanks to hidden bands technology. Especially thought for those who prefer a more subtle and discreet change.

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Padded Technology

Gives more gluteal volume and definition, adapting perfectly to every body shape. Rounderbum´s cutting-edge padding is carefully made by a patented manufacturing technology that is undetectable under clothing.

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Package Technology

Enhances male attributes dramatically. It features a double function design, one is a special compartment that lifts the genitals and the second is a preformed removable cup that adds more bulk to the area.

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Compression Technology

Supports and offer firmness to specific parts of your body to perform daily activities.

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Anatomic Technology

Made to be “anatomically” correct. Its construction adapts to the natural curves of the body allowing better fit and movement. The pouch is designed to be sideways to allow a "free" fall and more comfort. The V shaped back waistband contours the buttocks and creates a rounder bum naturally.

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