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Interesting Facts

Do men use shapewear?

Men’s shapewear is a fast growing segment. More and more men are saying why do only woman have options. Men of all walks of life want to feel great and have begun to shop men’s shapewear. Men’s shapewear while yes will help with those love handles or our men’s padded underwear will give some lift to our butts. It is more than then that, men’s shapewear is a great posture corrector, it is also amazing as men’s post-surgical shapewear. Then of course to feel great many men want a toned appearance with body shaper.

Is it good to use shapewear?

It is never wrong to want to feel great about yourself and men’s shapewear can help with that. Apart from that men’s shapewear is also a very good option as posture corrector shapewear, men’s post-surgical shapewear all other reasons to consider shapewear for men. There are so many reason to use men’s shapewear, and feeling great at a wedding or other special function can be one of them, men’s padded underwear will lift the butt and your spirits. Or maybe you just want comfort on those long commutes, that is something our men’s padded underwear offers.

What does shapewear do?

At Rounderbum our first priority is we want shapewear to help men everywhere feel great. Apart from that shapewear does so many things. Like our padded briefs are body shapers, they give more volume and lift to your butt, helping your pants to fit better. Our men’s padded underwear is also great for long flights or extended time sitting at your desk, a little padded comfort is all good. You can also improve posture with shapewear garments, like our compression shirts. Yes compression shirts are shapewear for men, and will help control those love handles but they will also do wonders for your posture, they are also amazing solution for men’s post-surgical shapewear.

What sizes of shapewear are available in the market?

When you shop men’s shapewear you will find it is available for all shapes and sizes. Our men’s padded underwear, our boxer briefs our men’s underwear in general is available in: small, medium, large, extra-large. We invite you to discover men’s shapewear shop and see all the options for feeling great.