What Men Should Know About Underwear

What Men Should Know About Underwear

You must be wondering what more there is to learn about men’s underwear? What is there to have a long discussion about? 

Wear it, change it, wash it, and repeat that's it?


While it appears to be a completely normal process, your most prized possessions ask for a little extra care and attention. Whether you prefer boxers, briefs, or trunks, chances are you barely give underwear ethics much thought. But, you should also check to see if the company is using the appropriate fabric, which will be comfy to wear.

The most important thing to remember about underwear for men is to change it periodically, keep it clean, as well as discard it when it becomes worn or discolored.


It should be purchased and worn in accordance with your body's requirements. And if you follow these easy guidelines, you'll never wear the wrong undies again.

Material Of Your Underwear Matters

Underwear is a form of clothing that does a lot more than merely hide your intimate areas. Boxer or any other underpants can help you maintain hygiene around your crown jewels while also shielding you from a variety of health issues.

The fabric of your men’s underwear regulates the temperature of your lower body and absorbs body fluids and sweat coming from the crotch. Hence, you must look for a fabric that is suitable to serve this purpose without leading to any health concerns. Moreover, it also keeps your pants clean from the inside and saves you from chaffing. And, in order to meet this objective, you need to choose a fabric that is light in weight and soft enough to allow you to enjoy the freedom of the moment.


Moreover, make sure that the fabric of your daily wear intimates is breathable, comfortable, and of good quality. Alongside this, the fabric should be suitable to maintain hygiene and comfortable so that it does not irritate your skin. In order to prevent irritation, you must wear the right fabric as per the season. For instance, you can choose cotton or synthetic blends for everyday use and leave the silk and other fun fabrics for special occasions. Cotton and cotton blends can be ideal for every season whereas silk and other fabrics can be worn for a sleek and sexy look on specific occasions but not on a regular basis.


Ensure that the fabric you choose for your boxer or briefs or any other undies is moisture-wicking and suited for searing heat, as well as soft and light enough to be worn under multilayers during the extreme cold season. Another crucial consideration to address as you decide on the fabric is to assure that the material is suitable for your skin type. Because it is commonly seen that a particular fabric may or may not be suitable for everyone.


Look For The Different Styles Available

Men’s underwear comes in a variety of styles and most men usually settle on one style of underwear and keep wearing that same style without even knowing that there is a multitude of styles available for different purposes. You may find different underpants for workouts, a specific style for your party looks, and a different pair that can be perfect to be worn on a regular basis. Consider comfort and support while shopping for innerwear. If you're buying the appropriate size but still have trouble fitting them, it's most likely because they're not designed for your body shape.

You can skim through different styles like men’s briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, trunks, jockstraps, and more. All these serve a different purpose and are created to give a different look hence, you may choose the one which seems to fulfill all your needs.


Boxers and trunks are the most spacious of all the styles. Trunks are often constructed of a lightweight, flexible, and breathable material and are designed to provide complete coverage. These have the ability to make your lower body look larger, making them ideal for men with skinny legs.


Amongst all the styles, briefs underwear men’s are by far the most conventional. These have a tight fit. Elasticated waist straps with varied lengths of rising ranging from the middle of the abs to the hip region are common in briefs. They offer complete coverage as well as comfort without the excess fabric around the legs.

One of the most popular styles of the 90s, men’s boxer briefs which offer a similar tight fit to the brief but with slight additional fabric around the thighs. This can be an ideal choice in case you are looking for something for your gym sessions and are in need of more coverage while working out.

The Right Time To Discard Them

As far as choosing the right fabric and fit plays an important role to maintain the hygiene and health of your most prized possession, similarly, it is crucial to know when you should bid adieu to your underpants. Although there can't be a fixed timeframe for everybody, ideally you should discard the men’s underwear  every 6 to 12 months of use. Despite this, it is advisable to self-judge upon looking at the condition of your undies - in case it appears worn out and not fit to be used then you must discard them even before 6 months of use. Furthermore, as long as your underwear is properly washed and disinfected, and they are fit to be worn and physically functional, with no rips or dirty patches, you can freely keep using them..


Aside from that, you can learn a few tricks to properly wash and preserve your underwear for men. It is often recommended that instead of using a washing machine to clean your underwear, you hand wash them and dry them in the sun rather than using an automated dryer. Make sure you're drying your underwear in a moderate amount of sunlight that's neither too harsh nor too murky.


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