A Silly Question - Do Women Like Men’s Butts?

A Silly Question - Do Women Like Men’s Butts?

With countless instances putting a stamp on the fact that men do find women's butts attractive and appealing when it comes to rounder - big butts!! But how about the other way around? Do women too find men's butts attractive or do women even like men's butts?

So, without making you wait any longer, the answer is YES, women are drawn to men's butts to some extent.

We wouldn't argue that women love men's butts as much as men tend to love women's butts, but there is a broad array of evidence out there, and we're rather certain that the majority of women adore men’s butts. 

As per some spooky (or perhaps not so spooky) video in which the anchor asks the same question to a large number of women, and the reply of most of those women is that they do feel drawn to men with rounder & more attractive butts.

Furthermore, several women who were asked the question, noted that while they are not the ones who objectify a person, they may admit that on odd occasions they have observed that a guy has a great butt, and couldn't help but steal peeks a lot of the time.

It's not a big concern for most women if a guy's butt isn't up to par, but it can be a bummer for others. A guy with a good butt shape is a great plus. This can be something rare to see but guys these days are actually in pursuit of having much rounder butts.

Why Women Like Men's Butt?

There really isn't a straightforward answer to this question but to explain it in rather simple terms then it's good to have a nicer-looking butt. That well-rounder look in jeans or normal trousers is somewhat attractive. 

Besides that, men's having flat butts with not much shape or definition down there can make you sometimes go - Where are the glutes ?!? 


On the flip side, a little gluteal volume can actually make you look more appealing along with saving you from having a saggy jeans look.

Not just that - 

But they're also nice to hold.

They're also entertaining to smack (lol) and watch the reaction post that. This is quite entertaining (though we wouldn't suggest attempting it on someone you do not really know).

So, boys, do something to add some volume to your butts and say goodbye to saggy jeans with nicer rounder bums.

How Can You Get Better Butts?

Exercising and training can be ways to achieve well-rounded, voluminous butts. You can look for some exercises that involve gluteal muscles and assist in training those muscles.  Exercising on a routine basis can actually assist you in getting in shape and achieving your goal of a rounder butt.


Furthermore, it is quite OK if you do not enjoy going to the gym but still want to have a well-rounded butt. With a little help from advanced clothing engineering, you can attain that perfect rounded look with padded underwear. Fortunately, a wide range of products such as Padded Boxer Briefs, Padded Boxer Trunks, (Padded T-shirts as well), and more are easily accessible online and otherwise.


Therefore, you may choose to incorporate these into your daily routine in order to achieve that desired shape with ease.

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