6 Reasons Why Men Should Not Go Commando

6 Reasons Why Men Should Not Go Commando

Going commando simply means avoiding wearing underwear and wearing the usual pants or trousers straight. But why do guys want to get rid of underwear? Well, some men like to wear underwear because it adds another layer and helps them perspire less. Also, having increased airflow there and a better feeling can both result from not wearing underwear.

Although. men have a few justifications for going commando, and it's a more frequent decision than you might imagine. However, having it all hang loose can also cause a lot of problems such as unpleasant stains and itchy skin, when letting your crown jewels hang all loose.


Continue reading to find out the 6 prominent reasons against going commando, even though there is some support for doing so let’s understand what one can expect from going commando.

1. Protects you from chafing

Protects you from chafing

Any clothing you choose could cause you to chafe. With no underpants, there is nothing to screen you from the material and stitching of your jeans or trousers and the top layer of your skin. This may irritate the skin and be painful. Therefore, either apply a light layer of powder and perhaps a balm to the genital area before going commando, or refrain from going commando. Additionally, if you intend on skipping wearing your underwear, then you must start to apply moisturizer or something greasy every night to reduce the burn brought on by friction during the day.

2. Saves You from sweat stains

Saves You from sweat stains

The sweat that accumulates in your crotch area during the day is absorbed by your undies. Moreover, bad sweat stains happen when there isn't enough fabric to absorb moisture in the area around your crotch. And these stains stand out more on lighter-colored and textured materials, which in turn can make you feel under confident when you think to go commando. However, if you still want to go commando, you can consider doing it in the winter instead of the summer. Also, if you want to entirely go commando, you can forgo wearing lighter colors.

3. Supports & Protects You

Your underwear is designed to provide a certain level of support and protection for your genitals that pants do not provide, in addition to keeping you away from chafing and sweat stains. Your underwear helps protect your package from the hard metal zips on your outer layer of clothing. Also, your underwear provides essential assistance when engaging in any strenuous activity, such as jogging, gyming, cycling, etc. Your pants or any other similar garments cannot provide you with this assistance.

4. Helps you maintain hygiene

Helps you maintain hygiene

Now that you know that your underwear helps soak up all the sweat and leaks and that it is advised to wash them every day lowers your risk of developing skin rashes and allergies. Pants are frequently worn, and the perspiration and germs that build up make them a breeding ground for more bacterial and fungal diseases. You may start to experience crotch itch, a red, itchy, and painful fungal rash that can develop into blisters. You can keep your intimate area clean by wearing underwear. If not then you must avoid wearing a pair of pants twice and you should wash them after every use.

5. Makes you look sexier with a toned look

Makes you look sexier with a toned look

Along with all the over hygiene benefits of wearing underwear there are other benefits that - great quality of underwear can make you look so much sexier and can easily enhance your look. The prime reason for this is that your underwear keeps your most prized possessions in one place which eventually helps you get a sleek toned look.

6. You feel comfier

You feel comfier

Undergarments today are breathable, sweat-wicking, wrinkle-free, and shrink-resistant in order to increase comfort. This is in addition to the basic function of providing assistance and security.

If in case your reason for going commando is getting the freedom and airy experience, then for you, boxers are the ideal style. A boxer is the epitome of comfort when worn with a fit like shorts. You may relax and take it easy while wearing a cozy pair of boxers. Instead of going commando and dealing with all those problems which it brings along. 

Final Thought

Now that you have an idea about how it is going to be when you decide to go commando and also what are the benefits of wearing underwear. You can easily find out the answer to why men should not go commando and why it is better to wear underwear. However, everything comes with its own pros and cons, so, it depends on you how you wish to live. If you love to move around with underwear and you feel comfortable doing so then you can choose to go commando otherwise you can hop on to your undies.

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