5 Signs It's Time To Say Goodbye to Your Old Undies

5 Signs It's Time To Say Goodbye to Your Old Undies


Underwear are like passwords they must often be changed. It is important because underwear not only helps you look good and have a toned look but it also saves you from a lot of diseases to which you might succumb. Wearing clean, new, and good-quality underwear can help maintain the hygiene around your most prized possessions. Hence, you should pay attention to the condition of your underpants and you must replace them when needed. Now you must be wondering how can you figure out when is the right time that you should bid adieu to your underwear. Well! we have jotted down all the indications which can help you decide when you should stop using your underwear and buy a new one. Continue reading to find out those 5 signs.


1. The fabric has been torn and turned Shabby

The fabric has been torn and turned Shabby

A pair of underwear's fabric may deteriorate and begin to rip after being worn for a while. Also when you start noticing holes in your underwear, you can tell this is happening. This occurs when the underwear material begins to fade due to excessive use, washing, and frequently drying under direct sunlight. In addition, it's a sign that you should get a new pair of underwear for yourself and discard that particular pair.


2. When Your Undies Have Stubborn Stains

When Your Undies Have Stubborn Stains

Underwear is a garment that gets used a lot in comparison to other garments. So, sure stains become a common thing and you may wash them off with any good detergent, or a well-known stain remover and if you wish then you can even choose bleach to get rid of these stains. However, after a long period, these stains will become stubborn and refuse to leave your favorite undies even after trying all the things mentioned above then that is the time to discard them and hop on to a new one.


3. The Waistbands Start Losing Elasticity

The Waistbands Start Losing Elasticity

After a certain time the waistband's elastic ultimately starts to wear out, losing its shape from how it was initially, and sometimes begins falling off your body upon slipping into your undies. This is also a sign that it is time to say goodbye to your undies and look for a new pair of underwear. Since elastics are what help you attain a sleek and toned appearance because of their feature of maintaining firmness.


4. They have lost shape - fits either too loose or too tight

They have lost shape - fits either too loose or too tight

Once your underwear starts losing shape they won't give you the support you need. In this case, your undies may start digging into your skin while wearing them which can be painful, unsightly, and unhealthy. Hence it is always advisable not to accept worn-out underwear that doesn't fit your physique anymore. Instead, find a new pair that is tailored to your specific shape and provides you the butter-soft comfort you deserve.


Another way to check that your underwear has lost its shape is when you are frequently found pulling fabric out of your butt crack. If this is the case with you too then without a doubt it’s time for you to buy a new pair of undies.


5. They Are No Longer Soft

They Are No Longer Soft

You may have noticed that your underwear loses some of its softness over time. They may become a little stiff with each wash and stop feeling as comfortable as they did in the beginning. This is another very common sign that you should hunt for a new pair of underwear and throw away your current pair is this strange stiffness in your underwear.

Bottom Line

All of the things indicate that you have kept your underwear for an excessive amount of time. We all do that, so it's okay. However, you need to keep an eye on all of these problems that you might be having with your underwear. Because so many of them can result in major hygiene problems, which are simply avoidable by stopping  wearing shabby underwear. Besides this, you will certainly not want your undies to become the reason for your low self-esteem because of the discomfort they must be causing.

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