Shapewear Measurements Explained

men's shapewear explained

The moment you intend to buy shapewear for yourself, the most important step is to find a shaper that fits you well.

We often doubt if the shapewear we have set our heart on will actually suit us. Not only that but we are often confused between buying a comfy size or a little tighter one to get the appropriate level of affect. 

Shapewear has always been too snug in the past, pushing our rolls  in the opposite direction, which was unflattering as it was believed that tight shapewear would help in getting slimmer. They just can not make anybody lose weight in any way. 

Shapewear ought to be comfortable when it is worn correctly. There are various levels. Shaping can be extreme or mild. Well! you may not have to do anything that will drastically alter your appearance. One can focus on certain areas, such as the legs, hips, and belly, or a combination of them.

Are you having these sorts of thoughts recently? If that's the case, you've come to the correct place. In this post, we will address all of your sizing concerns in order to enable you comfortably buy our Shapewear online or in a shop near you!

Shapewear Size Chart

You must be familiar with the sizes of the shapers available in order to get the correct size of shapewear for yourself. To have the appropriate shaper for you, evaluate your size as per the shapewear size calculator and compare it to the table below.


Waist Size (in inches)

Chest Size (in inches)


28 - 30 

34 - 36


31 - 33

36 - 38


34 - 36

38 - 40


38 - 40

40 - 42

Measurement Instructions for Shapewear

how to measure your body

Measure the area of your high-waist, low-waist, and pelvis with a  measuring tape placed firmly across your body to see whether the waist slimmer's are perfectly suited for your body shape. Place the measuring tape a little above your waistline (the place at which waist comes in when you lean laterally), a few centimeters just under the waistline, and a little below the belly (or at the spot where your pelvis appears broadest) to evaluate your high-waist, low-waist, as well as hips area.

Avoid picking a shapewear size that corresponds to your regular t-shirt, denim, shirt, or pants fit. Every manufacturer has its own size chart, as well as what one manufacturer considers a Medium may be considered a small or large by some other brand. As a result, it would be beneficial in case you adhere to the above-mentioned measurement guidelines.

How to Check your Measurements for Various Body Areas

Different shapers are designed to shape various body parts. There is a specific approach for each shaper to get the proper measurement and size that will fit you. Here is a list that will assist you in understanding how to check the measurements.

distance and parts to measure

  • How can one calculate the chest measurement: Pull the measuring tape all the way around  your chest  at the widest point to estimate your chest size. The measuring tape must be placed horizontal to the ground . Raise your arms upwards in the case you have a pal who can assist you in taking your measurements.

  • To get the size of your inseam: The crotch is the distance between the top of your thighs to the tip of your foot. 

  • To take the waist measurement: The actual waistline is not always the same as the place where your pants  end. It is actually over your navel and underneath your rib cage, it is just the thinnest portion of your abdomen. Run the measuring tape around  this region of your body, parallel to the ground, to get your waist size.





  • To Calculate the Size of Shoulders: Ask for help from a  friend  to get your shoulder measurements. Straighten your spine and relax your shoulders. Locate the shoulder points. These points are actually marked by your acromion bones, which can be found at the upper tips of your shoulders. These two points should also be the points at which the shoulder meets the arm, or the points at which the shoulder begins curving down into the arm. Then measure the distance between these two points.

  • To measure the hips: Slide the tape around the broadest area of your hips (it does not always correlate towards the apex of the pelvic bone), maintaining it even as well as parallel to the ground.

Shapewear Available Based on the Above Measured Body Parts

You can easily find  a shaper for every part of your body that you are looking for. Continue reading to learn about the many shapers available to help you enhance your look.

High Waist - Men who wear the high waist shaper often benefit from additional lumbar support and a slimmer waistline. These high waists have an uplifting and reshaping effect, as well as some tummy reduction, which helps to conceal a beer or maybe sugar belly. Such high waists are light and comfortable beneath any outfits and help prevent friction burns on the thighs in extreme heat, as well as any irritation caused by belts. It's ideal for everyday use thanks to its bespoke fit and silky soft texture.

Compressor Suit is a stylish and comfortable suit. It comes in black as well as white and therefore is barely distinguishable from a conventional undergarment, making it an excellent touch to any outfit. Because it gives a significant level of confinement, this shapewear can be used on a routine basis sometimes after surgical treatment. It's simple to wear and take out, plus it doesn't expose the armpit.

Complete body shapers - Among most full-coverage items, the body shaper can be worn underneath suits or other clothing both after any medical operation as well as on a regular day. In almost all of the body parts, this shaper is comfortable and supportive. Height is not going to be a concern with flexible shoulder straps for a unique fitting!

Is it safe to wear shapewear?

Newer shapewear is not quite as harsh on delicate tissues or organs as traditional bodysuits. Shapers are made of flexible fabrics that allow some air to pass through. When you remove the shaper at the end of each day, your body will get back to its natural form.

When  talking about  wearing such tight underwear, specialists nevertheless advise being very careful. Many people recommend saving it for special events and not for daily use. Shapers that drastically restrict  your body pose various health dangers. In  the case your shaper causes you significant discomfort , you must avoid wearing it. You may also alleviate issues by changing the style as well as size.

Final Thoughts

Now you know finding a shaper that fits you correctly is crucial in order to get the best results out of it. We frequently question whether the shapewear we have our hearts set on will actually fit us. In addition, we frequently struggle to decide whether to choose a comfortable size or one that is somewhat tighter to achieve the desired level of effect. In such cases the best way to go it size charts and try different sizes and then decide. 

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